On the loose

The Tampa serial killer is still not found.


Lizzy Mason, staff reporter

Be on the lookout for a killer in the Tampa area. On October 9th an unidentified individual claimed their first victim. Over the next few days two more people have been shot and killed.

Surveillance videos were released last Thursday, and a person is seen wearing a jacket and using a cellphone. This was taken around the time of the first murder. Police are unable to tell if the person is a man or woman. Police say that the way the person is using their phone, looking at it repeatedly, could also be a clue.

It is said that the victims, Benjamin Mitchell, Monica Hoffa, and Anthony Naiboa, were chosen at random because they have no relations with each other. The first victim, Mitchell, was shot in front of his house. Also, all three murders occurred close to bus stops in Seminole Heights neighborhood.

Police also say that the person in the video is not necessarily a suspect, but a person of interest who may have information on the killings. However, some officers believe that he is running because he just shot his first victim.

I have come up with four reasons why this person is running. One, they may be late for dinner. Two, they’re out exercising. Three, they heard gunshots. And number four, they just murdered Benjamin Mitchell,” Tampa police chief Brian Dugan said.

A $35,000 reward is being offered to anyone that has information, and can help track down the murderer in Tampa. Hopefully the killer can be tracked down and arrested for their crimes.