Cast Your Ballot

Students prepare to run for our schools version of government.


Natalie Tajeddine

Showing off Landon Decker’s shirt is Julia Negron. She is supporting her friend, Landon, trying to help him win.

Erin Behrmann and Eli Thompson

It’s that time of the year where campaign posters hang from the walls and students attempt to sway their peers to vote them for class president, vice president, secretary, or treasurer.

The Student Government Association (SGA) is a great way for students to voice their opinions. Students elect who they think will be the best candidate to make changes for the benefit of the school.

These school elections help students get used to the swing of electing their favorite candidate, practicing for the real world. Though the people who are running want to win, they also want to improve the school.

One of the candidates is Dawson Whitman- who is running for class president as a freshman. In order to help him decide between ideas, Whitman wants other students’ opinions.

“I want to be a help towards the freshmen class and represent them. I would also want to prepare events for the school,” Whitman (‘22) said.

Another candidate running is Landon Decker who wants to be junior class president. Decker has many ideas in mind to make our school a better place.

“I would like to create more communication about events and opportunities for students to be aware of. I also want to improve school lunches, plus I would love to make prom extra fun,” Decker (‘20) said.

Students had an opportunity to run last week. The students had to get 50 signatures to be eligible. The people running made snapchat filters, t-shirts, and posters to get votes. All students that go to PHUHS voted Sept. 6.

The students that got elected were Dawson Whitman as freshman class president, Cami Boyette won as sophomore class president, Liam Kugler as junior class president, Abigail Frye as senior class president and as executive president is Shady Mina.

The candidates have their own goals for this school year, from making after school activities more noticeable to even just fixing vending machines and water fountains. Whatever it is they have a plan to improve the school.