Importance of the SAT

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This assessment carries a lot of academic weight when considering college.


The Scholastic Assessment Test, better known as the SAT, is understood to be one of the biggest factors in a student’s high school career. Counselors, teachers, parents, and coaches have all told their students at some point that they need to take this test and they need to get a good score. But why does one test carry so much academic weight?

The SAT can be defined as an examination that covers multiple subjects and measures the student’s capability to answer the questions based on what they already know- like any other test. This one however, is not based only on the knowledge obtained from a specific class. It incorporates the problem solving strategies that have been taught over the years, and is not asking questions whose answers are facts.

Though colleges have grade point averages and extracurricular activities to look at, acceptance rates have still become very dependent on SAT scores. In eighth grade, and in some cases seventh, the PSAT is administered to the students for the first time. Until junior and senior year, when the real SAT is given, teachers assign practice assessments and encourage to students to take it as many times as possible.

The highest score to possibly earn on the SAT is a 1600. These are the average accepted scores by a few of the prominent Florida universities, followed by their acceptance rates (according to

University of Florida 1330 48%
University of South Florida 1230 45%
Florida State University 1290 56%
University of Central Florida 1320 49%


Many students need to take it multiple times in order to achieve a score that will satisfy the college they want and boost their probability to be accepted. Seniors Skylar Hopkins and Isabella Didden have each taken it three times.

“I think the SAT is heavily weighted when applying to college and it’s important to get a good score,” Hopkins said.

“Studying can really help you to make sure you know the material,” Didden said.


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