Exam Season

Preparing for tests starts when school does, and doesn't end until after the test.

Eli Thompson, Staff Reporter

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Throughout the year, students work towards getting the best grades achievable by completing loads of homework and studying for hours to prepare for tests. As the end of the year rolls around, students begin having to cram for hours on end to studying for final exams.

Taking final exams is just a part of school, and getting ready for them is nothing like getting ready for a regular test. Everything students have learned throughout the year is piled into these tests, and they have to know all of the material.

If students miss four or less days in a semester, they have the option to exempt three exams. If students exempted a midterm, they don’t have the option to exempt the final in the same class. Other requirements to exempt are that students must have a B average and the class cannot be AP or have a state administered test.

Along with exam season, other testing starts taking place. Writescore, FSA, and other statewide tests are administered. Preparing for all of these different tests is stressful, and can take a toll on students.

Some ways to prepare for final exams are to review old assignments and make a study group to go over everything learned over the year. Reviewing things from throughout the year can help when the day comes to take the final exam.

Final exams can put stress on a student, but studying everything that was taught over the course of the year and coming into the test with an open mind can lead to a good final score.