Trendy topics come to life during homecoming week

Once a year, for a week, students dress up for school.


Kahlen Pihpher ('23), Amber Wheaton ('22), and Abigail Rene ('22) dress up for decade's day.

Grace Mercer, Staff Reporter

Every year for a week, students dress as characters from movies, books, and television shows. Students walk around in vivid costumes, solicitous clothing, hats, and DIY’s.

This year’s homecoming week kicked off on Sept. 9: character day. On character day, many students dressed as VSCO girls, stealing scrunchies and hydro-flasks from friends. Other students dressed as a duo or trio of well-known characters in pop culture. Primary colors are seen together everywhere and many other trends on the app TikTok were acted out.

The second day was Area 51/Spaced out day. Area 51 blew up on social media, after a tweet went viral relating to a military secure base (Area 51) and what was there. Students walked around with face painted with glitter, dressed in different tones of green and galaxy inspired outfits.

Halfway through the week, people came in with clothes no one could judge. Fashion disaster day was the day students could mismatch clothes and have fun teasing their friends for it. Cheetah prints, different patterns, and many odd combinations were worn on this day.

“Dressing in weird clothes made everything funny and was my favorite day of all of them,” Sophie Silver (‘22) said.

On Thursday, students traveled to another decade for decade’s day. Students dressed in clothes that were trendy in a specific decade depending on their grade, ranging from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. Students even came to school with old boomboxes from the 90’s, wearing tracksuits, leather jackets, or wigs.

The last day of the week was School Spirit Day, which landed on the day as the Homecoming football game. Everyone was wearing school colors: maroon and navy blue. Students wore face paint and glitter that matched their shirts that read the school name.

Homecoming week was an opportunity for everyone to dress up and let loose for the week. When the week was over, students had the homecoming football game and dance to look forward to.