Tensions between candidates rise during CNN’s Democratic Presidential Debate

Candidates are getting more personal with their attacks as the Iowa caucus approaches.

Madeleine Katz, Online Editor in Chief

Democrats are racing to win the support of the people of Iowa before the Iowa caucus and the CNN Democratic Debate in Des Moines showcased the candidates’ views on topics such as foriegn policy, strategies to beat President Trump, impeachment, and the candidates’ opinions of each other.

Prior to the debate, a CNN report was released, alleging that Bernie Sanders had told Elizabeth Warren that he did not believe that a woman could win the presidency when he visited her at her apartment before they began campaigning against each other. CNN based their claims on the comments of four unnamed sources close to Warren. 

In response, Sanders told CNN in a statement that the sources were lying and that he does believe that a woman can win the presidency in the 2020 election. Nevertheless, when he was asked about it during the debate Sanders, again, fervently denied the accusation. 

Immediately after Sanders was asked about the incident, Warren was asked about her thoughts after being told that a woman could not win the election to which she responded, “I disagreed. Bernie is my friend and I am not here to try to fight with Bernie.” Warren then turned the discussion to why it is possible for a female candidate to win the election and how well the female candidates have done in past elections compared with the male candidates. 

The candidates were asked about how Congress’s impeachment decision will affect their campaigns. Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttiigieg both made it clear that they believe that the President should be removed from office. Joe Biden commented that he believes that even if the trial was acquitted, it would not make an impact on the election. 

Foriegn policy was also a topic of discussion and Biden admitted that he made a mistake by supporting military force in Iraq in 2002 after Sanders criticized his vote on it. Sanders drew attention to the fact that he voted against using military force in contrast to Biden. Pete Buttiigieg used the opportunity to talk about his military experience serving as a US Reserve Lieutenant during the Afghanistan War. 

Health care, support among minorities, progressiveness, and a variety of other topics were discussed during the two hour debate and watching the debate to hear from the candidates directly is a great way to better understand all of the candidates’ views and ideas. There is currently no clear frontrunner and the democratic candidates will be running a close race to secure a spot as the democratic nominee.