A new type of connection

SpaceX plans to bring better connection across the planet by 2027.


Eli Thompson, Staff Reporter

Everyday, people with cell phones run into the same issue. Connection. Some areas have no towers, some have just poor connection, but Elon Musk has a simple solution for the issue of that. 

Starlink, which is a brand of SpaceX, already has some of the “thousands of satellites,” in space, and they are planning to have completed the project by late 2027, which does seem like a ways away.    

The system, though, will provide internet connection to every region across the world. So far, all satellites have been successful (with the exception of three), and with 245 of the 12,000 total in space, we can only speculate as to how good these are going to turn out.  

Although astronomers are not happy with the new lights they’ll be seeing, but they were given years of preparation for the new chain of satellites. Those who disagree can argue and petition, but space is unclaimed territory, meaning that anyone can do whatever they want up there. 

Starlink will bring about a new age of technology, with less dead spots, and higher speeds. Although we have to wait around seven years, it will surely be something to look forward to.