Coronavirus outbreak spreads to Tampa Bay

Two cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed by the CDC in Manatee County and Hillsborough County.

Madeleine Katz, Online Editor in Chief

Two people were confirmed by the CDC to have COVID-19 in Manatee County and Hillsborough County and an additional person in Hillsborough county tested positive but is waiting on the CDC to find out whether the case will be confirmed. In a press conference, Governor Desantis said that it is not yet a high danger to the general public and updates on COVID-19 will be posted on the Florida Department of Health website. 

The first patient in Hillsborough County to be diagnosed is a woman in her 20’s who recently traveled to Italy where the COVID-19 is considered high risk and travel is advised against. She was cleared by the airport to travel but started showing symptoms once she arrived in Tampa. 

 In Manatee County, the patient who is in his 60’s has not been to a high risk area and experts are not sure how he contracted COVID-19. 

All patients that have been diagnosed with the virus are being quarantined.

To prevent contracting COVID-19, American Red Cross recommends regularly disinfecting spaces, washing hands for a minimum of twenty seconds, and making sure not to touch the eyes, nose, or mouth.