Missing out in the parking lot

Class of 2021 seniors were delayed in painting the iconic senior parking spots.


Aaron Jacobs

As seniors are looking forward to getting a parking spot, let’s reflect on 2019’s paintings.

Erin Behrmann, Editor in Chief

As juniors whip around to grab a past senior’s parking spot, this year’s seniors missed the first day feeling of a personalized designated spot.
Due to COVID-19, the rising seniors were not able to receive a special parking space right away- causing them to miss out on painting the spot with friends and family before school started.
“I was really sad about not getting a senior spot because I planned on how to paint it for so many years,” Katie Moustopopulos (‘21) said.
As of right now, 2019 painted senior spots are still visible, making the seniors feel left out. Although some students want to paint spots they will receive, others have found old spots and have taken them in as their own.
“I found a cool spot that someone else painted, so I have been parking in that one since it was unknown when we would receive spots,” Josh Phillips (‘21) said.
Some seniors even had visuals of what they wanted as a spot, until the administration decided to wait and see how the first week goes before painting. Even though seniors now have the opportunity to paint their own spot, it’s not the same from past years.
Thus meaning, senior spots are available for sale for $20, ending the 2nd. There will be precautions due to COVID-19 but these seniors will get to experience what other seniors do.
“I have hoped that we would be able to paint spots, because I wanted to free hand something to paint,” Mitchell Wood (‘21) said.
As the first week of school passes, many seniors are eager to finally get the opportunity to receive a spot that has marked the beginning to so many others’ senior year.