How Did Quarantine Affect Students?

The ups and downs of our global isolation.

Tianna Lamando and Olivia Osborne

Quarantine ended up being a lot longer than expected. This caused people to take up new hobbies and drop their old ones for the new shift of the world. Being trapped inside for so long had students doing lots of self-discovery in the isolation. Students had a different quarantine experience that either affected them in a negative or positive way. 

There are many ways people can grow and change throughout a periodMany students in quarantine bettered themselves by working out, achieving their goals, and trying new things. Other students stuck to basic day activities. 

“I laid in my bed, watched Netflix, and went on bike rides,” Alexandra Nelson (’24) said.  

Other students tended to get creative and tried new things. “I got more into painting and drawing over quarantine,” Gabriella Frye (’24) said. 

Quarantine was not just positive experience for people, but the counteract is that people were deeply affected by the stay home order. 

Some students have stated that over time they would start to feel upset due to staying inside or as if they were stuck in a constant routine. 

Before quarantine I felt that there was hope and excitement about what tomorrow brings. However, now that it’s over and sort of still going, I feel as if I’m following the same routine every day and it’s hard to hope for the best when you’re experiencing the worst,” Socrates Paskilidas (’24) said. 

The way one views quarantine may simply be based on the type of person they are. Some people accept it and enjoy their time at home with the opportunities it brings, while others may have dreaded the experience. Every individual has different reactions to certain situations.