A Student’s Guide To the Media Center

New media center updates provide a valuable space for students.

Cassie Santella

PHU’s media center has opened its doors to a new and improved space. Students are free to check out the new additions and see what decisions were made with the remodel. Come visit during lunchtime or come during a class period, just remember to bring a pass!


The remodel was an exciting surprise to our media center staff and school administration. 


“Our school is 25 years old and it was our turn for an update,” said Ms. Jennifer Crosley. 


Because of COVID-19, along with other factors, the remodel took longer than anticipated. They started in July with demolition and were supposed to be finished by October, unfortunately, it did not end up getting done until the week after winter break. Luckily, it all worked out in the end and just now the finishing touches are being put on.


The purpose of this update was to make our media center more modernized and digital. Students have access to a computer cart with computers they can borrow and use during their time there. There are also charging stations and TVs that may be used for collaborations and presentation purposes. The furniture is mobile which makes the space more flexible for different activities that may be put on.


“Our goal was [to make it] professional, inviting, and flexible. I personally wanted lots of small and comfy areas for students to gather and collaborate,” Ms. Crosley said. 


“The media center is an amazing place to work in and I feel like the environment makes everybody more productive,” Arriana Sanders (‘23) said.


“I use the media center to catch up on homework or have access to a computer when I’m at school,” Isabella Erwin (‘23) said. 


As far as the theme and aesthetic of the remodel it turned out to be an exciting modern, professional, and clean look. 


“We had every color and theme in the world but decided to go traditional. This may be the only time it gets remodeled and we wanted to give it a professional and college campus look,” Ms. Crosley said. 


There are lots of small comfortable spaces for students to relax with the school’s navy and burgundy colors throughout. 


“I love the new furniture and the layout of the furniture. I feel the creative decisions were perfectly selected because you can be collaborative or independently working,” Erwin said. 


“I like how the seats were placed, its so cool,” Priyanka Hieralal (‘22) said. 


“I love the cozy corners,” Sanders said. 


There are still a few small tweaks here and there to have the space completely finished. Right now books are being put up and are available for check out. 


“We have some things that are still coming, we are still missing the senior class quotes on the wall. The place is completely different and I love it,” Ms. Crosley said.