Ensuring Students Success After Graduation

PHU introduces the new College and career Readiness Center


You’ve probably seen flyers hung up around campus or in some of your teachers’ classrooms. “Now open college and career readiness center” with QR codes below. But what exactly are these flyers referring to?

Ms. Kirby Thompson is PHU’s new college and career readiness school coordinator. Her role is to provide support for college and career and life readiness, and to ensure every high school student has a post-secondary plan. The flyers two QR codes are for accessing this support, one code is for booking an appointment and the other for accessing a list of scholarships, bright futures and FAFSA help, and much more.

The college and career readiness center is located in the front office, where PHU’s night school used to be located. When students walk into the office they can be pointed in the right direction by the front office staff or simply just follow the signs. There are multiple signs with arrows pointing students in the right direction. These signs read “College and Career Readiness Center/ Room 1-154/ Ms. Thompson.”

For students, especially seniors who are starting to apply to colleges, Ms. Thompson is available to help in multiple ways. Even for students who aren’t sure if college is for them, Ms. Thompson may be able to help navigate and assist them in making those types of decisions.

“We can support with Naviance, college exploration, anything regarding the common app or how to apply online to certain colleges, also financial aid resources and scholarships as well,” Ms. Thompson said.

Other than the college part of this center, career readiness resources are equally focused on. Students aren’t limited to just college after graduation and part of what Ms. Thompson does is to make students aware of their other options.

“For the kids that don’t want to go to college and may not be sure what else they can get into, we’ve got resources for that as well. I think it’s just great for giving students all their options to be successful after they leave high school. I’m also looking into getting technical schools out here like Aveda and also Clearwater Aircraft Academy. Also we will be having the military on campus more this year as well,” Ms. Thompson said.

Seniors aren’t the only ones the college and career readiness center is for. This center is open to all grade levels and even parents. Ms. Thompson explains how it is most important for students to start preparing back in 9th grade.

“[College preparation] needs to start back in 9th grade and that’s just learning the importance of your grades starting from the minute you start high school. The worst thing to do is like ‘oh no my sophomore or junior year I’m trying to get this 2.25 gpa up to a 3.0’ it’s a little harder going uphill. I just say for my seniors it just starts more with the freshmen. I think it’s just very important that freshmen start out strong then also you know your junior year you make sure you don’t slack because you’re almost out,” Ms. Thompson said.

Parents can be an important factor in students’ post-secondary plans, this is why Ms. Thompson has invited parents to see her Wednesday evenings from 5:30 – 7:30. They are able to book an appointment or can come during open office hours to sit down and talk about any college or career related things.

Ms. Thompson encourages students to meet with her. Whether it be questions about college applications, which colleges to apply to, or figuring out options other than college, Ms. Thompson is here to help.