Say “goodbye” to the Kindle and “hello” to the Nook!

Kate Hardwick, Staff Reporter

Well it looks like the so called “infamous” Kindle has been overpowered by a new electronic book, or should I say “Nook”.  The Nook is sort of like a different version of the Kindle but with some exciting new features.  The Nook unlike the Kindle has a clear color screen, making it easier to read and is therefore appreciated by more people. 

Not only is the Nook better in looks but quality as well.  The Nook enables you to surf the web and check your e-mail with the snap of a finger. Although WIFI is needed for internet access, it is much faster then the Kindle’s 3G internet.  The Nook also allows people to share books with friends using “Lendme”, this also keeps you updated in the newest books for sale.

“I was so happy when I got my Nook for Christmas,” said senior Bianca Philippe. “I read the latest magazines and my books on it almost everyday and having them in color is great.  Having the fast internet on is a plus as well and I can also get fun apps.”

It looks like the Nook is now the way to go and will gradually become a popular item in this highly advanced technological world that we live in today.