I’ve got the power!

Alex Squitieri, Staff Reporter

“Power Balance holograms are designed to work with your body’s natural energy field.”

Is this true, or just a lie to make the company look good? The word on the street is, Power Balance bands, (a.k.a fancy rubber-like bracelets) don’t actually use your body’s natural energy to enhance your physical performance. For a small fee of 30 US dollars, you can pick yours up today. But wait, I think you should know the facts first.

The creators of Power Balance claim that the popular silicone bracelets use your body’s natural energy to enhance your physical performance. I’ll let you know, the same creators also state, they have no proof that their product works. I’m sorry but this doesn’t seem logical.

But they were very nice about the situation. They have agreed to give customers who feel they have been cheated, a full refund. Isn’t this expected?

 If I was lied to by a company I would expect some refunds.  You know how many rubber bands I can buy for 30 dollars? Many athletes can be seen sporting their power bands in games and during practice. But does their performance really improve? Shaquille O’Neal swears it does.

 The 7ft tall center for the Boston Celtics states in an online video interview that power Bands help with your Endurance, Balance, Flexibility and Strength. Shaq is “Balanced” out, he can be seen wearing all types of Power Balance accessories.

 Power Balance bands were worn by athletes in the last World Series as well as the Super Bowl and the NBA Finals.

Although I do think that Power Balance bands lack any type of actual science or technology. I do think that they have a kind of “lucky charm” effect. Similar to a lucky pencil you use for test, or a pair of lucky socks. If you believe in it then it, has an effect. The venders in the mall don’t help either. It seems whenever they explain how the bracelet works, it’s a different story.

So before you go spend your birthday money from grandma, think about what it is you’re actually buying.