Year wrap up

Alex Squitieri, Staff Reporter

As the year comes to a close, students get happy, nervous, but also sad at the idea of some of their friends going off to college.  Seniors are having their “last”, last lunch at school, last time in a certain class, or the last time they will enter the student parking lot. The friends that they have been with for the past 4 years will be parting their ways, going to the next level to further their education.
For the juniors it’s not so bad, most of them will be back next year to continue at Palm Harbor, while others might go to early college or be in dual enrolment. Some juniors might be nervous, upon returning to school next year, many of them will be applying for colleges and writing multiple essays to try and impress the college they wish to attend. But juniors also get to be the all mighty “seniors” of 2012.
The freshmen also have something to look forward to next year, they won’t be the newbies on campus. They will probably know how to get around the school a little better and not get lost and have to ask for directions.
Then you have the sophomores, I remember when I was a sophomore, you kind of feel like nothing happened your 10th grade year, it was kind of boring per say. Well for the sophomores there is something you get to look forward to, next year you’ll be considered “upperclassmen”, which enables you to go to the junior senior prom, WOOHOO! Try not to cry to much seniors, you should be happy, you’ve overcome “High School” you are one step closer to starting your life. From this point on every decision will affect you for the long run. So don’t expect any referrals when you act up, because it won’t happen.