Sorry Thicke, She Doesn’t Want It

There’s been a lot of divorce drama this past week regarding the rather infamous singer Robin Thicke.

Paige Livingston, Staff Reporter

Thicke, known mostly for his overplayed and horrid song, Blurred Lines, is in the process of getting a divorce from his wife Paula Patton. The news of the planned split was released sometime last week when it was made public that Patton had requested  a divorce.

Patton is known mostly for her role in the sci-fi movie Déjà Vu, and got married to Thicke in June of 2005 after the two had dated for years as teenagers. Despite the fact that they had been married for years and have had a child together, Julian, Patton seems to be totally done with Thicke.

Thicke had gained most of his popularity from releasing the song Blurred Lines last year, which was centered around rape culture and the notion that there’s a gray area between rape and consent, as well as being accompanied by an absurd music video featuring nearly nude ladies being mistreated by Thicke himself. This trash video and equally annoying song completely failed to mask the pig in human clothing that Thicke is, despite his nearly infinite ego that could probably crush anyone who got too close.

Too bad for Thicke, it seems as if he’s not as big of a ladies man as he’s given himself credit to being. He’s repeatedly said that Patton is his “good girl” – a term that would probably make any girl want to throw up in their mouth. However, this so-called “good girl” asked for a divorce last week, leaving Thicke practically begging for her back and even talking at concerts during his current tour about how the misses her and wants her to come back to him. Disgusting and pathetic – it’s not really a surprise she left.

“I know you want it”, huh? It doesn’t seem that way to the rest of us. Sorry Thicke, she doesn’t want it – maybe this crushing blow will knock your ego down a couple notches.

So heads up ladies, there’s a new desperate, gross, self-absorbed single up for grabs in your area – a 0/10, I would not recommend him.