Little Thai Café is the hidden gem of Tarpon Springs

Danny Francis, Staff Reporter

Local restaurant Little Thai Café is authentic, delicious, and surprisingly affordable.


Contrary to its name, Little Thai Café delivers big flavor to feed big appetites.

Little Thai Café is a small Thai cuisine restaurant off of Alt 19 that offers wide variety of authentic Thai dishes for cheap and also stays open 7 days a week.

The entrance of the café epitomizes serenity, draped with bamboo leaves and a small fountain with a golden Buddha. The ambiance is set by peaceful Thai music and paintings by local Thai artist hung on the walls. Plus, you will be sat almost immediately by a very friendly staff.

The only thing little about this Thai café is their prices. With entrees starting at $6.95, they’re one of the more affordable Thai restaurants in the area. Their most popular dish is pad Thai, a noddle based dish with carrots, broccoli, and slightest amount of spiciness added to it. However, for those who like a spicier dish, simply ask the waiter for more spice and they will happily accommodate.

Another exquisite dish prepared by their fantastic Chef Cody is the pad basil, which is a delicious mixture of stir fried Thai basil, garlic, onions, celery, carrot, & bell peppers.

For Thai food lovers who aren’t fans of noodles, they offer a dish called the Railroad Fried Rice. Given the nickname “railroad” because of it was traditional served on trains, this dish is a blend of white jasmine rice stir fried with egg, onions, broccoli, carrots, & tomatoes.

With an authentic meal, serene atmosphere, and cheap prices, Little Thai Café is one of the best Thai restaurants in Tarpon Springs. Although it is a smaller restaurant, they still sit their customers very quickly. Little Thai Café should be the go to Thai restaurant for anyone in Tarpon Springs.