Pita’s Republic

Be careful when going to Pita’s Republic for the first time, for it is very likely to fall in love with restaurant and to go there very frequently.

Pitas  Republic

Peter DiNapoli, Staff Reporter

Mouth-watering food, personable personnel, and an easy-access location all contribute to a great Mediterranean restaurant named Pita’s Republic.

Pita’s Republic is a small chain of restaurants with Mediterranean food such as chicken curry wraps, Greek salad, and baklava. All the food is delicious and affordable, for the popular favorite Tex-Mex, made with chicken, rice, cheese, lettuce, and chipotle sauce, is only $6.95.

There are refreshing smoothies made with real fruit. The strawberry-banana smoothie is among the top in favorites and its rich flavor explains why. Also, you can add protein if you’re an avid gym-goer. All of the food is fresh and healthy, making the restaurant guilty-free after chowing down.

Not only is the food great, but the personnel in the place is outstanding.

Run by a genuine and hilarious man by the name of Franck, Pita’s employees produce a great service that keeps you coming back, if the food doesn’t already. Franck befriends his regulars and makes you feel at home when he yells your name as you walk in through the door. Not to mention, Franck speaks French fluently and does not mind giving a few French lessons as he whips up your order.

The nearby Pita’s location serves as a great spot for business. It is on the southbound side of US-19 between Alderman and Nebraska. Its situation allows for easy-access when planning on going to this restaurant.

Pita’s also caters for whatever event you need. They are very lenient when it comes to making a customer happy. For example, when it comes to entrée items, a customer can change an item by adding or taking out whatever ingredient they wish with no hesitation.

The best part of all is their punch card. After ten purchases at Pita’s, you get one free. For people that go often, it is a big deal when the tenth whole is punched because it makes the next meal taste that much better.

All in all, the Pita’s Republic in Palm Harbor is excellent all across the board.