Fortnite Season 4 Update


Over the last eight months, Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm. Fortnite had a peak of 3.4 million of concurrent players back in March which is currently the third most in the world behind only League of Legends (7.5 million) and a game mainly popularized in Asia, Crossfire (8 million). Fortnite’s popularity is expected to keep growing as time goes on with their newest update to the game released on May 1: Fortnite Season 4.

Fortnite seasons are on average broken up into two month time periods, in which players can unlock new characters, gear, and emotes by leveling and tiering up through the weekly challenges. Each season also adds map changes and new additions to the gameplay. This season has also those things as well as the ability to spray paint decals on the battlefield.

In this season players can consume crystals which give them the ability to jump higher and not take any fall damage. When I first saw this in the game I thought it would ruin the gameplay. But since there is only a limited amount of these and they only appear in a few locations, it ended up being a nice addition to the game. I like the idea of gameplay and tactics differing in different parts of the map, this adds a higher possible skill threshold to the game and I wouldn’t mind seeing similar things added in the future.

Several new emotes have been added to the game in including “Groove Jam,” which was the winning entry of Boogie Down Challenge and “Orange Justice,” one of the honorable mentions from the Boogie Down named after the contestant who became an internet sensation “Orange Shirt Kid.”

My first impression of this seasons Battle Pass was that I liked the new emotes and spray paint features, but the skins were average, especially in comparison to Season 3. The “Carbide” and “Omega” skins both feature unlockable armor designs as you level up in the season, these upgrades are of course only cosmetic and don’t change the gameplay. These are, in my opinion, the two best skins with “Valor” a wonder woman replication being a close third. The other skins don’t seem to fit the overall art design of Fortnite and fit in with the other characters.

In the week that Season 4 has been out a huge limited time mode has been added to the game. The “Infinity Gauntlet” mode. This mode is a mashup with Marvel and their recent release Avengers film. In this mode players battle to obtain the Infinity Gauntlet, an item from the Marvel Universe that gives the user great powers. Once the players obtain this item they turn into Thanos, the villain from the recent Avengers movie. Players as Thanos have increased health and shields as well as strength, a laser beam, and the ability to leap into the air. Players objective is still to be the last one standing and the best way to do that is by eliminating the holder of the Gauntlet and claim it themselves.

Season 4 has been anticipated for nearly a month, and I believe the majority of fans have enjoyed everything the new update encompasses. While skeptical of the new updates and outfits, Season 4 has begun to grow on me and I am excited to see where one of my favorite games goes next with other limited time game modes and weekly item releases.