Wooden Ladle Review

Wooden Ladle offers a variety of noodle soups and rice bowls.


Lizzy Mason, Staff Reporter

Spicy broth, savory mushrooms, crunchy bamboo shoots, soft eggs, juicy chicken, and a whole lot of noodles. Wooden Ladle has an abundance of food choices that can satisfy hunger. It consists of meals like poke bowls, ramen, and pho.

A poke bowl includes sushi rice, meat such as salmon, tuna, chicken, or even snow crab, and other ingredients such as avocado, cabbage, cucumber and more.

Wooden Ladle’s dishes are able to be changed to the customer’s preference. When it comes to poke bowls, they are signature bowls or an option to make it your own; just select rice and toppings.

For the noodles, there is a choice of pho or ramen. Their noodle dishes can come with or without broth. Unlike the poke bowls there is no custom option for noodles. There is however, a choice to add extra eggs, meat, or even extra noodles. I have tried their tonkotsu shoyu which has spicy broth, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and pork belly. The dish is a big hit for customers; they never leave hungry.

Besides for the main meal, Wooden Ladle also has small plates of various spring rolls and edamame. A highlight on their appetizer menu is the edamame, or soy bean pods.

When walking into the restaurant, the customer is able to go up to a tablet to select their meal, drink, and anything else they would like. The tablets make ordering more efficient for the customizable options.

After ordering, people find a seat and their orders are brought out to them. The service is quite quick and the atmosphere is relaxed and chill.

As for prices, the main dishes run about 9 to 12 dollars. Wooden Ladle is located in Oldsmar, about 15 minutes away from Palm Harbor.

There are options for almost everyone; vegetarians, meat lovers, or those who love to experience new foods.