Make the Switch

Why you should make the switch from plastic to metal straws.


Carolyn Bridges

Walking around, Carolyn Bridges (’19) shows off her metal straws. Not only do they help the environment but also are popular around the social media community.

Natalie Tajeddine, Staff Reporter

It seems like every week there’s a new trend that comes up on Instagram, and recently, it seems like metal straws are the new wave. There are many reasons everyone should switch to reusable straws, but the most important reasons is that plastic straws are bad for the environment, and your health.

On average, the  United States uses over 500,000,000 plastic straws everyday.  Straws are only used once and then tossed away without a thought, and this waste creates a lot of plastic pollution and harms many animals.

“You can plant more trees, it takes a very long time however you can’t bring animals out of extinction,” Carolyn Bridges (‘19) said.

The past few months, you’ve probably seen all the baby turtles being hurt from plastic straws and other animals in the water. These innocent little animals have gotten straws tied up in their nose, making it hard for them to breathe. The straws’ waste also pollutes our air causing the pollution rates to constantly go up.

“We should stop using plastic straws and start using mental ones because it can keep our local areas clean and to reduce the usage of plastic containers,” Daelynn Lugo (‘20) said.

Not only is using plastic straws bad for the environment, but it is also bad for your health. According to Eco At Heart, plastic straws contain BPA, which is linked to brain and behavior problems as well as an increased risk of cancer and heart problems.  

Everyone has different beliefs when it comes to the debate between paper and metal straws, but the fact is,  the environment is going to keep getting harmed if you don’t make the switch.

“My personal belief on the rising issue is that people should become more educated, to understand the reason of why, instead of just being told to do so,” Bridges said.

So next time you order a coffee or tea, skip the wrapped plastic straw and use your own reusable straw.