Christmas in Fall?

Retail stores are putting up festive decorations for Christmas rather than Thanksgiving.

Allyson May

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Allyson May

Publix has their own Christmas aisle in the front of the store.

Once Halloween is over, all decorations go down and the Christmas decor is out. Stores usually don’t put up Thanksgiving decorations, since its November, they just rush into lighting Christmas up.

Some people do not like how stores forget about Thanksgiving, while others love how Christmas is already up and selling.

“Alright it’s Christmas, I love the holiday holiday spirit! I don’t care that they skip Thanksgiving,” Lauren Ramirez (‘21) said.

The November holiday is celebrated by most people in the United States but, it usually does not get too much attention, unlike Christmas.

“I think that stores are just trying to get more business for the holidays, so I’m down for what they put up,” Ramirez said.

While some people enjoy Thanksgiving and like how Christmas is up also, some forget about it and just want the Christmas spirit to be here.

“I do not mind how stores put up the decorations- I live for Christmas. Thanksgiving who?,” Megan Vata (‘20) said.

On the other hand, Thanksgiving is too forgotten about and some people want nothing to do with Christmas until Thanksgiving is passed. Even though there are some decoration items for Thanksgiving, the whole store usually looks like a winter wonderland.

“I do not appreciate how they are putting up those decorations in November,” Emma Courtney (‘22) said. “Why do they just forget about Thanksgiving?”

In almost a day, walking into a store, it could be a totally different scene from changing the look to be Christmas related.

“Right after Thanksgiving would be acceptable for the Christmas decorations to be put out but, I don’t understand the rage of putting it all up now,” Courtney said.

The argument of the two teams, if stores should put up Christmas decorations, will most likely be continued for some time. But stores will probably proceed with placing out the extravagant lights and trees in November.