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The boy band, Imagine Dragons, released a new album.

Erin Behrmann

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Erin Behrmann

Dan Reynolds, the lead singer of Imagine Dragons, sings to a large crowd at the Mid Florida Credit Union Amphitheater.

In 2018, Imagine Dragons released a song titled, “Natural.” But little did everyone know that one song was going to lead to a whole new album that came out Nov. 9, 2018.
Imagine Dragons is one of my favorite bands. With Dan Reynolds as the main singer, Wayne Sermon on the guitar, Daniel Platzman as the percussionist, and Ben Mckee on the bass.
Their older album, “Evolve” was pretty good but their newly added album “Origins” is so far my favorite album of 2018. This album contains 15 songs, that have amazing beats and lyrics.
Dan Reynolds’ voice has a specific tone that makes every song sound different, in a good way. Reynolds’ singing matches all the beats to the songs.
My favorite song in the “Origins” album is “Digital,” because it is more up beat and the background music has different types of sounds throughout the song. The beats sound unknown from an instrument but are made through the band. It is breathtaking and surprises me every time.
The meaning of the song is to inspire today’s youth to fight for their rights and opinions to create a better future. As stated in the song, “we are the face of the future.”
The second best song in my opinion is “West Coast,” because the beginning of the song is more calm than the other songs. Then it speeds up a bit and has a louder background and a larger beat. While Dan Reynolds sings, his own voice echoes his original singing.
The band behind Reynolds is very upbeat and are just as good as the main singer. Without the band the songs wouldn’t be the same.
This song represents Dan wanting to be there for his loved ones, to show his gratitude. The best part about their songs are that they all have their own separate meanings.
Imagine Dragons song “Zero” is featured in the new movie “Ralph Breaks the Internet.”
I will always remember seeing this band live in concert, and I hope to go to the “Origins” tour that is coming up.