BTS shows consideration towards fans

Most bands, duos, and solo artists in the music field care about fans, but one band cares the most.


Grace Mercer

BTS merch and concert poster from their concert in Chicago, Illinois.

Grace Mercer, Staff Reporter

There are many bands and artists who help fans with their life struggles by talking to them through live vidoes on social media or posting a comments on their personal account.

School can be one of the many life struggles for the younger generation. Especially since majority of the fans are in school and still young.

School is all about tests, homework, and time investment. You either do very well in school or struggle to grasp a decent grade. Words are truly the strongest force and BTS uses it the right way to help students in school who are their fans.

Each artist has a name to their fans or fandom. BTS’s is Army. Army stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth and BTS stands for Beyond the Scene in Korea. Where as in Japan, it stands for Bangtan Boys. BTS has quite a lot of armies and with this comes lots of pressure on what they say and what they do with the overwhelming amount of popularity.

“BTS is a growing boy band. Especially as a korean boy band, as it is big in America. Armies are known as the most toxic fandom but only because we support the boys very much and misunderstood for that. I support them all the way, even being labeled with a negative title,” Nia Alexopoulos (22′), a fellow army.

BTS uses this as their advantage to tell the world about how they are thankful for armies and other respectful artists and people (non kpop fans), not just to say thank you but talk about issues between themselves (BTS) and their fans (Armies).

Most artists just make music, give out autographs, go on tours, and appreciate their fans support that helped the artist grow. BTS is probably the most selfless group of people you would meet.

During BTS’s tour that is currently taking place around the world, fans stated that they felt they were growing apart. BTS were quick to reply back with this concern.

“I hope you don’t think that way. As we go higher, we’ll go closer to you guys step by step,” BTS’s youngest member, Jungkook said.

Not only that, but BTS show many acts of kindness towards their fans every chance they get! They are often seen as a really humble group to other girl groups and boy groups in Korea when they attend award shows or other big events.

One moment is on a day of a fan meet in Seoul, South Korea on Dec 26. of 2017. It was cold since it was winter. Heaters faced the members and one of them decided to face his own heater towards the fans to keep them warm and away from catching a cold.

BTS also makes songs dedicated to fans and how they should focus on studies, as heard in the song, Pied Piper. BTS uses this as a metaphor to describe them and to show the fans they should be more self-aware about how much they indulge in BTS.