Car crashes could be prevented

Statistics say that in Pinellas County, on average, there are 77 car crashes per day


This is what could happen if you decide to text ‘n’ drive.

Jacob Costantino, Staff Reporter

If statistics show that there are 77 car crashes per day in Pinellas County, then there must be something wrong with how people learn to drive.

All people take a test to drive, and yet every day there are enough car crashes to make a new car through recycling, maybe, even more. That should say that either Pinellas County doesn’t have good driving teachers, or people are not driving well.

Everyone already knows that there is a problem all over the United States with people deciding that they can multitask and text or drink and drive. Thousands of people die from texting and driving, or being under the influence and deciding to get behind the wheel of a car.

Some don’t know this, but even if someone is drunk and laying in the backseat of a car, and the key is in the ignition, they can still be arrested, because it is technically drinking and driving, even if the car is not on.

The laws of the road are stated clearly, and precisely in the little booklet that is given to new drivers, and it says that even talking on the phone takes the same amount of of attention as texting and driving.

Cars are huge machines and if they are not taken seriously, then it could become a machine of death and destruction, instead of an object that is meant to take people from point A to point B.

People can easily become distracted with things, it’s in human nature, but if people actually make an effort to focus, then the hazard of of manslaughter is reduced. Manslaughter is a crime, and it’s usually caused because of a phone that is in someone’s face, or if they are drunk.

If there is going to be a reduction in car accidents and people being hit by cars, then part of the solution is to be more strict about Jaywalking, and people need to stop driving under the influence, and people need to get their phones out of their face.

Drivers need to think smart and stop the distraction before it takes place, and pedestrians have to be smarter and think about crosswalks, as they are there for a reason.

Some people, such as Michelle Nash, who crashed into a 15 year old girl who was riding her bike, think it’s okay to drive with a suspended license. The truth of it is, is that it is not smart to drive with a suspended license. With that being said, Michelle Nash should not have even been behind the wheel of the car that sent a girl to the hospital by airlift last week. This shows that people shouldn’t be driving if they have already been found irresponsible while driving a vehicle.