Honestly, you should buy your yearbook

Why you should buy your 2019 Aftermath Yearbook.


Jacob Chouinard

Hannah Pinnell (‘20) and Rachel Giaquinto (‘20) show their love for last years award winning yearbook.

Natalie Tajeddine, Staff Reporter

Jacob Chouinard
Hannah Pinnell (‘20) and Rachel Giaquinto (‘20) show their love for last years award winning yearbook.

To be honest, there are many reasons why you should buy your yearbook this year, and every year. Starting with the fact that it’s one of the best, like ever. The Palm Harbor University Aftermath yearbook is awarded on a national level, and gets better every year.

The work put into the yearbook by hardworking students is astonishing, and the results are even better. From interviewing, to re-writing captions for the third time, the staff pours their sweat and tears into this book.

For hours after school editors Anna Tam (‘19) and Chloe Ballestero (‘19) work endlessly making corrections and designing pages from the cover to every inside spread.

During 7th period, staffers run around the school knocking on doors and rushing to building 19 for that last interview before the bell rings at 1:50 p.m. Room 4-115 is a very busy place that never stops spinning from one p.m. until the yearbook staff has had enough InDesign for one day.

Soon enough, all this hard work will be payed off for.

As the end of the year approaches, students fill with the excitement of activities leading down to those last few weeks, dreading finals and counting the days down to summer break.

For only $60, you can make your last few weeks better than ever.

Where do you know of that you could buy a whole 350 page book of your years in high school. You can’t. This book has memories that are to last a lifetime.

When the books come out in April, don’t be the one person who didn’t buy their book. Nobody wants to be friends with that person.

So why should you buy your yearbook? Let me sum it up. One, because you don’t want to be that weird person who didn’t buy their yearbook. Two, it’s a book that’s looked at by schools around the nation, how cool is that? And three, because in 20 years when your kids have their first yearbook, you can look through your old things and take them into your high school life, no other book could ever do that.