The risks of nicotine inhalation

No matter what someone smokes, they are still at risk for lung diseases.

The Surgeon General’s Warning is not put on the side of cigarette packs for no reason, and the warnings are best not ignored.

The Surgeon General’s Warning is not put on the side of cigarette packs for no reason, and the warnings are best not ignored.

Jacob Costantino, Staff Reporter

Whether it’s an E-cigarette or a regular cigarette, or really any kind of drug that has to do with inhaling smoke, can increase a person’s risks of not only lung cancer, but also Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Tuberculosis (TB), and other severe respiratory infections and diseases.

E-cigarette smoking is neither safer, nor better than smoking. Smoking E-cigarettes can make it four times more likely for someone to start smoking regular cigarettes later in life. E-cigarettes also can and will create holes in a person’s lungs if they are smoking, this does not go for just E-cigarettes, but all smoking.

When someone says that an E-cigarette can create holes in someone’s lungs, whether they have smoked before or not, it means that the vapor is actually killing the Alveoli in the lungs. The Alveoli are small sacks of capillaries, which are the smallest blood vessels of the body. These blood vessels, however are not the usual type of capillary. What they really do is take the carbon in blood cells, and replace the carbon with oxygen. So essentially if you smoke, you are slowly paving the way to death through suffocation.

Regular cigarettes have the same effect on the lungs as the E-cigarette, but the death of Alveoli is not the only reason to quit smoking. First, Alveoli doesn’t go through mitosis to make new cells, in other words, however many Alveoli cells are in the lungs, is how many those lungs will have. Second, smoking regular cigarettes have tar, which coats the bronchioles and tickles the hairs in the bronchioles, which is what causes a smoker to have morning cough.

People don’t tend to think about what is in cigarettes, either that or they don’t care. Cigarettes have more than nicotine, and more than just tar enters a smoker’s lungs. Tobacco may be a plant, but just because it’s a plant, doesn’t mean that it is healthy for the body.

Cigarette manufacturers put more than the nicotine, tar, and tobacco in cigarettes, there are also poisons, both natural in nature, and man made.

The plant that tobacco is taken from is known to have poisons in it’s leaves. In nature, animals are prevented from eating tobacco, because it naturally tends to demobilize the animals that try to feed off of it, which, if enough is consumed and ingested, the plant can actually kill.

So next time you decide to light a cigarette or take a puff of an E-cigarette, remember, the E-cigarette can kill lung cells that won’t ever be replaced, and that a cigarette can kill if you smoke enough. Remember that nicotine only enhances mood, and that it doesn’t help you get through any life problems. Smoking isn’t cool, and living without cancer is a lot more cool.