Cool math brings back the 9 year old in us

Cool math has a bunch of games that some students play and bring back childhood memories.

Erin Behrmann, Staff Reporter

I remember in elementary school before recess we had 15 minutes to just relax, and I would grab a computer and jump on Cool Math. To this day some students still play these games in their free time.

Some of my favorite games:

○  Papa’s Pancakeria- This game consists of creating pancakes for customers where the customer grades the food off of the order station, grill station, and build station.
○  Fireboy and Watergirl- This game is about teamwork. Kids can work with a friend and in order to move, use the up and down arrows to move the Fireboy and A-W-D keys to move Watergirl around to collect diamonds. The objective is to get to their assigned door.
○  Factory Balls- In this game, there is a picture of a ball and the player has to create it through a series of steps to make it look identical to the first ball.
○  Parking Fury- Although this is not how to drive, players have to park in a parking spot using keys to turn in the right direction and go around obstacles to reach the parking spot.
○  Run- Using arrow keys to either run or skate through the 3 dimensional course,the goal is to get to the end without falling off or through holes.
Other people’s favorite games:
○  “Papa’s Freezeria is my favorite game on cool math,” Alysia Haun (‘22) said. This game consists of having customers order a milkshake or ice cream and getting graded on how the ice cream is made.
○  “I remember always playing the game Sugar, Sugar when I was younger,” Justin Wahl (‘21) said. Sugar, Sugar is when the players draw paths on to the screen to guide the sugar into the cups that match the color of the sugar.
○  “My personal favorite is Run because I always played it on cool math,” Matthew Anderson (‘22) said. As stated above, run is all about getting through a course without falling off while using the arrow keys.

Although some students do not play these games anymore, they probably did at some point.