Join FBLA for a handful of experiences

FBLA brings new experiences and great bonding, like a family.

Erin Behrmann

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In Orlando, PHUHS FBLA students take on the State Leadership Conference in March.

Why join FBLA? It is an opportunity to learn about competitions or presentations, make new friends, put a club on college applications, and so much more.
Although there are several of clubs at PHUHS, FBLA is one that stands out more than others. It isn’t just a club where there is a meeting each month, they compete in competitions, where they go to Orlando and even out of state to compete .
In FBLA, one aspect of FBLA is competition. Students can take objective test, presentations, or create reports and even videos. Districts is the first level of competition. All of Pinellas county compete against each other, and top 7 in objective tests and top 4 presentations advance to states. Those people who advance to states go to the State Leadership Conference (SLC) in Orlando. If they place top 4 at states they move onto nationals where the whole nation of FBLA gathers in San Antonio, TX.
“Joining FBLA provides opportunities including becoming the best leader you can be,” Sofia John (‘19) said.
In this club students travel and work so hard to place at each level. Even though it considers work, like studying or making a speech, it is all worth it in the end because it turns out to be an amazing experience.
“When I joined FBLA it gave me the experience and skills in the business world and I competed against some of the best students in Florida,” Mackenzie Mills (‘20) said.
Our chapter at PHUHS is about 100 students and it is basically a family to everyone. Even if people join the club and have no friends in it, they make new ones and have a bonding with them over the year in this club.
“I like FBLA because competing is so much fun and you always learn new things while getting ready to take a test or doing a project, ” Farah Hennawi (‘19) said.
One of the most important part of this club is that students can run for spots on the district officer team, state officer team, and even national officer team. When running the students need to make a speech in front of the district, state, or nation about why they should be chosen, and they try to persuade the voting delegates.
FBLA students all support one another, through winning and losing, campaigning for a fellow member for state office, or contributing to serving the community.
This club has done March of Dimes and Relay for Life,which are great chances to volunteer It gives opportunities for everyone and makes strangers come together as a family.