From straight A’s to failing

Before exam week, PHUHS students take EOC tests which affect other classes.


Erin Behrmann

In Mrs.Cannaday’s class, Ansley Acree (’20) prepares for her AP exam that she will have to take before exam week.

Erin Behrmann, Staff Reporter

Studying for exams is already stressful enough, but missing classes for exams before testing week causes more pressure on students.

At PHUHS students take state exams before the designated exam week. Students miss either first to third period or fifth to seventh periods depending on when testing is.

Most teachers put zeros into the gradebook when their students are absent for testing, even though it is excused. Once students return to class they are lost on what to do because there are a lot of zeros. This causes a lot of stress when one day they have all A’s and the next day they just drop drastically.

Usually, students are already stressed enough, cramming for all the exams, but when grades drop because of testing, it increases stress levels. Students can’t exempt the tests that are taken before the exam schedule, but they affect us from missing last minute lessons and assignments in other classes.

No one realizes how much stress this causes for teens because it is an excused absence, but it drops students grades and classroom learning before that teacher’s own exam.

Sometimes it takes a while for school functions to go in for absences, so when receiving exam waiver approval forms it may cause problems when trying to exempt certain classes.

School is stressful, but it’s part of life, however it isn’t the student’s fault that testing is scheduled during classes and are given zeros for things that were never received.

Some PHUHS students try their very best for their grades and then they just drop because of taking FSA reading, AP exams, and state mandated EOCs. These exams are required and students can’t escape them, it’s not their fault.