Summer birthday bummers

Summer birthdays are worse kind of birthdays.

Caitlin Lucas, Staff Reporter

It may not seem like a big deal the the date of birthdays can largely impact a person– or at least for me specifically.

Having a summer birthday, in some ways can rock, but when your friends inevitably forget your birthday without the constant reminder in school, it kinda stinks.

Sure, there are the few friends who call you specifically at midnight or stay up on Skype with you to wish you a happy birthday as soon as possible, but in my opinion, summer birthdays are a bummer.

I think part of the reason I always wanted a birthday during the school year was to flaunt those horrendously big balloons and see how many people wish you a happy birthday, and maybe I like the idea of seeing all the crazy school kids during my birthday.

This could tie in to the fact that I kind of enjoy the school year more than the summer– despite the workload, but having a birthday during the school year seems more real. During the school year, birthdays seem more celebrated and maybe that’s the ideal of birthdays that’s not realistic.

Another factor is that the weather during the summer is the worst. I’m not a fan of heat, and it being 90 degrees outside on my birthday always sucks, so I’d rather have it be 40 degrees, maybe this is just me and my preferences.

Anyway, summer birthdays have their advantages, but the main concept of having a birthday during 90 degree weather seems less enticing for me.