iPhones perform better than Androids

iPhones upgrade every year, have a faster performance speed, and better app options, making them the better product compared to Androids.

Grace Mercer, Staff Reporter

There are many benefits to having an iPhone. Apple upgrades them every year from the last model and each upgrade has bonus features. iPhones have many shortcuts to help people save time in either life-threatening situations or in a time crunching situation.

Some people believe that having an iPhone is as good as having a laptop because it sidesteps the problem of lack of applications. iPhones have high quality apps. Multiple app stores are available and iPhones have the ability to install anything from any package. It’s great for enterprise specific apps and is good for developers to mess around with. Also, it’s great to have third party app stores such as Company Specific stores (which is now available on iOS) and the Amazon App store where people can download apps at lower prices than on the official Google store. Additionally, Google works to publish original content, produce events, and foster creative and educational partnerships that advance design and technology by sponsoring apps on Apple products.

iPhones have proven to be much faster compared to Androids. GeekBench charts make the differences between the performance of Apple and Android products visible.The faster speed of iPhones makes enjoying demanding augmented-reality apps a smoother experience. iPhones have the A12 Bionic chip inside that increases the speed of iPhones or the new hexa-core chip inside the iPhone Xs and X max.

With updates comes better hardware and software integration. Features such as the new Face ID allow access into iPhones. Animoji and memoji are other examples of new Apple software. Another great feature is Apple pay. People can make secure purchases in stores, in apps, and on the web with Apple pay as well as sending and receiving money from friends and family in Messages. Apple Pay is easier than using your physical card, and safer too.

Emergency SOS is a feature that allows people to immediately call emergency services by clicking the power button (also known as the Sleep/ Wake button) five times in a row.
iPhones update regularly to improve security. Apple security software targets previously unknown spyware that infiltrated iPhones and can read messages, track calls and contacts, record sounds, and collect passwords and location information.

If people compare the specs of the iPhone with high-end Android devices, it’s quite interesting how the iPhone still manages to get such great scores in nearly all benchmarks, despite less RAM and a slower CPU. iPhones are very fast and remarkably responsive. People won’t notice much performance degradation over a year or two.

All in all, iPhones do have some cons to their products but the pros outweigh them. The performance of both products have their significance; Samsungs last longer in battery than iPhones and iPhones have the best available apps.