Nightmare before Christmas can be classified as both a Christmas and Halloween Movie

There has been debate about this movie for such a long time now, and it can be argued that it is indeed a Halloween and Christmas movie.

Jacyn McCrudden, Staff Reporter/Photographer

The age old question has been debated about for forever: Is Nightmare Before Christmas a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie? It’s the same idea as asking if DieHard is a Christmas movie. There is no definite answer. 

Although Nightmare Before Christmas begins in the town of Halloween, and opens with a Halloween song, it does not imply that the movie itself is a Halloween film. The plot could be an indication of which holiday it gears more towards. 

In the film, Jack Skellington finds himself in the town of Christmas and steals Santa Claus, which is another argument towards the movie being centered around Christmas. However there is also the whole underlying theme of Halloween that is present throughout the movie, so it’s safe to assume it’s a seasonal movie, not a holiday one. 

This movie can go either way. There are equal elements of each holiday worked into the film, and there doesn’t have to be a clear answer. 

Jack becomes sick of Halloween and ventures into Christmas town, but there are equal parts that address Halloween and Christmas. Considering he lives in a town of only Halloween, it can be perceived as only a spooky film. 

The music, all by composer, Danny Elfman, are equally  Halloween and Christmas themed. The movie opens with “This is Halloween”, a classic Halloween song, but is quickly followed by “What’s this?”, a song when Jack ventures into Christmas town for the first time.  

Taking into consideration the elements of both holidays makes the Nightmare Before Christmas both Christmas and Halloween movie.