Being part of newspaper

Going behind the scenes of The Eye.

Erin Behrmann, Staff Reporter

The bell echoes and the sound of students typing on keyboards fills the room.

Everyone may wonder what newspaper class is and what it is like being on the newspaper staff. Being part of the PHUHS newspaper, is like being part of a big family. We are able to collaborate about story ideas and talk to each other about anything.

The best part is having the ability to go and interview anyone for stories. It makes me get out of the classroom and interview new people and it takes a lot of courage from me to do this.

I enjoy the newspaper class period; we don’t just write stories 24/7, we have holiday parties and celebrate when we finish a new print paper. Creating the print newspaper is a long process and the staff puts in hard work, so once we are done, we celebrate.

Writing is personally my favorite thing to do for the newspaper because I can write really anything I like.

We also have an online newspaper. For the online newspaper we can make slideshows with captions and videos in addition to stories.

Reporting, writing, interviewing are all parts of newspaper and we work to create content that everyone should read. Reading the school newspaper gets students involved in what’s going on at their school and even some of their friends may be in it.

I think it’s a great idea to join newspaper because it is an opportunity to get involved in the bigger picture of PHUHS, and it also lets you be part of a family that you are always able to depend on, and bond with.