Is Disney Plus the new Netflix?

As Disney plus is rising, Netflix may be at it’s downfall.


Erin Behrmann, Staff Reporter

Although Disney Plus may be rising, it hasn’t affected Netflix quite yet. A lot of people say “Tik Tok is the new Vine”. Will Disney Plus be the new Netflix? The world may never know until it happens.
Many people at PHUHS watch Netflix, but have also turned to Disney Plus for throwbacks that they watched when they were kids. Although, some kids have their personal favorite, others depend on both. Verizon Wireless customers who have unlimited data receive Disney Plus free for a year, so as of right now people can stream both Netflix and Disney Plus while only paying for Netflix.
“I don’t think Netflix can be overrun because it has their own shows and older teens and adults wouldn’t really want to watch Disney movies or TV shows,” Karissa Utegaard (‘22) said. “Netflix has a lot more variety for everyone to watch and no specific age range since it has a lot of different genres.”
Netflix is not constrained to providing movies or TV shows from only one entertainment company. Disney Plus, on the other hand, can only provide their users with Disney shows and movies. Disney does own several brands, like Marvel, but they can’t have popularly streamed shows like The Office.
“Netflix has every non Disney movie but if you are a huge Disney fan then Disney Plus is for you, but for everything else you go to Netflix and can binge watch opposed to Disney Plus. It all depends on personal wants,” Jacob Sands (‘22) said.
Everyone has their own preference when it comes to TV shows and movies but it’s either Disney Plus or Netflix.
“Netflix is my favorite because I couldn’t watch Disney movies for hours, and all I watch is You on Netflix and Netflix is more interesting and has more variety,” Carly Thiess (‘22) said.
People are still in question if Disney Plus is taking over Netflix.