The Cookies are Back in Town

Review of each girl scout cookie.

Allyson May, Staff Reporter

The moment has come: cookie season is back and new flavors have hit the area. With a large variety of types of cookies, yields personal opinions on each one and their flavors. 

Thin Mints: These give off a sense of originality with their chocolatey coating and a mint cookie on the inside. With just the right amount of chocolate and mint, these cookies are one of the most popular. Having them frozen is even better.

Samoas: These cookies hit different. With the variety of different flavors of chocolate, caramel, and coconut, each bite is a different experience. As a personal favorite, these cookies are at the top of the list. 

Tagalongs: These cookies remind me of a cookie version of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. With lots of peanut butter and chocolate flavor, this cookie is for the ones who have a sweet tooth. Trying them frozen unlocks a new level of sweet indulgence.

Do-Si-Dos: These are the simple cookies. This oatmeal cookie has a sweet flavor where the peanut butter is not too strong. They remind me of the Ritz peanut butter crackers, which were amazing to me. 

Trefoils: These are a personal favorite. The sweetness of the cookie and the buttery shortbread flavor just combines very well. As it may seem this cookie is very basic, the simple flavor really shines through.

S’mores: As a somewhat new cookie to the family, these are perfect to fulfill your s’mores cravings in a cookie. These remind me of the Keebler Elf Fudge cookie, with the graham cracker cookie and the chocolate filling. Definitely one to consider trying. 

Lemon-Ups: The new addition this year replacing Savannah Smiles is a sour and sweet one. A shortbread lemon cookie with a light coating with just the right amount of lemon flavor. With a Froot Loop aftertaste, this cookie transports the taster to childhood. These cookies are pretty large so there is a lot to enjoy in a single cookie. 

There are a couple cookies not sold in our area, so I cannot give a review. The gluten-free cookies have not been tried yet either.

Girl scout cookies are an amazing way to lift spirits of others and help raise awareness for the area. It is cookie season, so make sure to purchase one of these flavors soon.