Dipped in Chocolate

The personal how-to guide with chocolate covered foods.


Chocolate covered strawberries are always an essential when dipping in chocolate.

Allyson May, Editor in Chief

Treats, sweets, and everything unique when it comes to baking. With Halloween season and Christmas around the corner, baking will take a huge part of fun activities. Although baking can take up a large portion of time throughout the day, there are more simpler treats you, at home, can make. 

Chocolate covered foods are an easy way to create sweets with an ease. You can make them either sweet or salty and it takes almost zero effort. 

To make a chocolate covered food, head over to the grocery store and grab these few items:

  • Chocolate wafer chips (In any desired flavor or color)
  • The food you’d like to dip into chocolate
  • Any decorations for the top (sprinkles, more chocolate, etc.)

Once you’ve grabbed your items, melt that chocolate in the microwave with about 30 second intervals with mixing in between.

My personal favorites were chocolate covered strawberries and Oreos and I decorated them with Halloween sprinkles on the top. You could also meet up with a few friends to make the dipping faster, and more enjoyable.

Once you’ve dipped and decorated, it’s time to let them freeze. You can either stick them in the fridge or freezer and enjoy either right away or let them completely harden. 

There is an endless selection of what you could dip in chocolate. And there are many occasions in which you can make them. It is an enjoyable activity that tastes great and is a great time distracter.