Legitimacy of Online Testing

With tests moving online for most students, who wouldn’t take advantage of it?

John Bumgarner, Staff Writer

Open note tests are the best thing since sliced bread, according to students. So, what would the students reaction be to having access to their notes, and better yet, the entire internet, without the school knowing in the slightest? Well, those with less character than I can explain very concisely. They would use their notes at every opportunity, never bothering to study, potentially even not taking notes and relying purely upon the internet.

Another issue is the timescale. When all the students are sitting in a classroom, they can turn in their tests at the same time with no issue. When some students are online, however, they may have a more difficult time turning in their tests, and the simple technical error can cost the student their grade. This is a less pressing issue, but an issue nonetheless.

The problems with online testing may persist, but there is no clear remedy for them. The honor system works for the most part, but there are certainly some issues with it. The lack of solutions is something that this author cannot offer advice on how to fix.