Issues and Virtues of Online Article Writing

Is being stuck at home as much of a hindrance as it seems?

John Bumgarner, Staff Reporter

Most of the articles written for a school newspaper need to be written at school, as expected, but working from home is not as much of an issue as one might think. Most students have a phone or device that can be used to contact them to gather information, and teachers can be emailed for data applied to an article. As such, writing articles online is almost simple, as you can simply message people when you need something specific and focus on gathering information for your articles through the internet. 

However, there are still some complications. One of the primary issues for writing articles online is the lack of people to interview, and the lack of pictures to take for the article. However, newspaper is a collaborative class, and other students can spare a little bit of time to help. Interviews can be run over calls or video calls, and other students could take pictures to help. Most of the issues provided by working online are simply fixed by having a friend or fellow classmate in physical school to help. 

As an author of articles online, most of the time I simply work on my articles for the duration of the class. I usually get my articles finished much sooner than the other students simply due to my single focus on the articles themselves, not including the images, quotes, or other, similar things unless the article calls for them.