Top 10 best free mobile games to pass the time

Here are ten time consuming apps to check out

Top 10 best free mobile games to pass the time

Cassie Santella, Staff Reporter

  1. Hay Day 

From the developer that brought Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Supercell’s Hay Day keeps you busy for hours. Trade goods, tend to crop, feed animals, and much more. 

2. SLOWLY – Connect to the World! 

This is not necessarily a game but deserves to be on the list. SLOWLY is a pen pal app where you can write virtual letters to people from all over the world. The fun part is the letters take time to deliver, the farther the person lives the longer the letter takes to arrive.  Disclaimer: SLOWLY is recommended on the app store for ages 17 and older. 

  1. Farm RPG

“I like Farm RPG the game because I like the progression. It’s a casual game so if I have time to kill I’ll play it,” Tristan Rideout (‘22) said.

4. Draw climber  

This game is both satisfying and addicting. Beat your opponents by drawing the wheels that are then attached to a box, whoever’s box reaches the finish line first wins. Let’s just say it makes more sense when you play it.  

5. Terrarium 

This is by far one of the most relaxing games I’ve ever played. Discover, collect, and grow plants in your garden. The more plants you have the more oxygen you collect; the more oxygen you have the more plants you can collect.  

6. Goat evolution 

One of the many versions of the Tapps Technology evolution games. You combine and upgrade goats to form evolved goats in an effort to reach the highest level. Also available are a platypus, dragon, turtle, dino, cow, shark, dog, and many more evolution games.  

7. Cooking fever 

Cook and serve delicious desserts and meals with this addictive game. The higher the level the faster customers start showing up and the more challenging the game gets.  

8. Stop – Categories Word Game 

Based on a board game, Stop gives you a random letter and assigns words you need to find starting with the letter. Such as pizza toppings or countries. Battle with random people or play with friends.  

9. Plants vs Zombies 

This extremely popular game is a classic and a must to cure quarantine boredom. Fight away zombies by placing special plants in your garden. There are so many fun and different levels it never gets old.  

  1. Coloring Match

You may have seen talented artists on your TikTok for you page recently, mixing paint colors to match a real-life object. In this game, you get to try it out yourself by mixing paints to match the color of different objects.