Best Ideas for Valentine Gifts

With Valentine’s Day coming up, here are some gift ideas to get someone.


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Erin Behrmann, Co-Editor in Chief

As February 14th comes around the corner, people rush to find ideas of what to get others for this special occasion. Flowers, teddy bears, chocolate, oh my? Personally these are what I would suggest for Valentine’s day.

1. Flowers are always a go-to gift but how can you make them more exciting? You can add a cute note in the flowers to put a heartwarming message that will make someone happy. Adding this touch will make the flowers stand out more than just flowers.

2. Candy may just look like food but if you make it into a basket it all ties together. Place candy in a basket and make it stand out by decorating the basket. Maybe even tie the candy into rhymes of how it reminds them of the other person.

3. Homemade food is always a go-to. If you love to bake this is probably your best option, make brownies or even a cake in a heart shape. Everyone loves food, especially sweets so why not have fun and bake.

4. Huge teddy bears! Almost every store sells teddy bears, especially during February they are everywhere! It is a cute gift that gives someone a good cuddle partner.

5. Who doesn’t love fuzzy blankets? This gift will give someone something to have all the time 24/7, a blanket is used all the time.


Now what do you get a guy for this day? Candy and homemade food are still a go-to but here are some more ideas.

1. Getting a guy a hoodie will make his day, everyone can use a cozy sweatshirt that can be used over and over again.

2. Memory boxes/pictures help bring back memories. Most guys don’t print their own pictures so if someone gets this for them it allows them to have photos to look back on.

3. Cologne is a great gift because you can pick out a scent that you personally like, so then your person can wear it.

Overall people can get each other coordinating items like bracelets, shoes, clothes, etc. It makes a cute gift that others will notice that you guys have. Personally you can’t go wrong on Valentine’s Day but get something that is from the heart.