Taylor Swifts “Midnights” Review

Taylor Swift releases her newest album.

Taylor Swifts Midnights Review

Sarah Nicholas, Staff Reporter

Recently Taylor Swift released a new album called “Midnights”. According to Swift, Midnights is about “Those thirteen 13 songs forming a full picture of the intensities of that mystifying, mad hour.” 


The first song is called “Lavender Haze”. Lavender haze is about her public scrutiny and how her and her lover deal with it. The song also deals with public pressures, the lyric, “all they keep asking me, is if I’m gonna be your bride”, explains it.


The next song is called, “Maroon.” Swift uses color to describe her emotions, “The burgundy on my T-shirt when you splashed your wine into me, and how the blood rushed into my cheeks so scarlet.” The song also seems to be a breakup song, because it uses past tense a lot.And I lost you the one I was dancin’ with in New York.”


The following song is called, “Anti-hero,” this song has many parts. Most of it is about dealing with inner problems, for example, in the music video it shows when she struggled with an eating disorder. 


Kenda Asaad (’26), says that she thinks Swift’s new album is definitely a step up.


“Taylor swift’s old music is pretty okay, but I feel like I like this new album so much more. These new songs have a whole different meaning and give a new perspective on Taylor’s life,” Asaad (’26) said.


Next song on the album is called, “Snow on the Beach”, this song features Lana Del Rey. This song expresses feelings of finding love. There is controversy with this song though, many people believe Lana Del Ray didn’t receive a big enough part of the song, due to the fact she only does backing vocals.


“You’re on your own kid”, is about trying to find yourself and love then realizing, as the title says, you’re on your own, and you have to figure stuff out by yourself. 


The next song is called “Midnight Rain”. This song is supposedly about one of her former relationships, and how she ended it. “I broke his cause he was nice, he was sunshine, I was midnight rain,” and the lyric, “He wanted a bride I was making my own name,” supports that idea. 


The following song called “Question” is another relationship song. It deals with a relationship ending and falling apart. The lyrics, “and you’re not sure and I don’t know, got swept away.” Although, it also hints at wanting to find closure because it states, “I just may like to have a conversation, can I ask you a question?”


The following song is completely different than the others and releases a whole different vibe, it’s called, “Vigilante [explicit]” and it goes through the whole issue that happened between Swift and Scooter Bruan. Back in 2020, Braun sold Swift’s rights to her masters without her permission. Swift fired back by re-recording her albums. The song “Karma” on the album is also about similar issues dealing with Bruan.  


The following song is called, “Sweet Nothing” is about her current relationship with her boyfriend Joe. It talks about the struggle of having a public relationship and dealing with the press. “’Cause they said the end is coming, everyone’s up to something.” I found myself running onto your sweet nothing.”


The final song is titled “Mastermind.” It is about wanting someone and trying to get them as hard as you can, “what if I told you none of it was accidental, and the first night that you saw me, nothing was gonna stop me.” This lyric explains that. 


This new album is a completely new feeling that Swift expresses, each song expresses a different emotion and meaning.