Over & Underrated Holidays

Students give their opinions on the most overlooked and overhyped holidays.

Anna Welsh (26) picking apples with fruit picker tool and skipping school to celebrate the Fall. 

Anna Welsh (’26) picking apples with fruit picker tool and skipping school to celebrate the Fall. 

Maddy Jones, Staff Reporter

Throughout the year, there are many days that are special. Whether it’s because we get to take a break from school or something we hold dear to our heart’s coordinates with that day. Many holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years are widely celebrated. But on the other hand, holidays like Valentine’s Day don’t really pertain to a majority of people. Surveys went around and many were asked to express the most overrated and underrated holiday along with their reasoning why.

What holiday do you think is the most underrated?

“The Thanksgiving holiday because it’s closest to my birthday,” Yasmina Aghar (’25) said.

“Definitely Thanksgiving, not for the holiday but for spending family time,” Megan Jones (’26) said.

“Mother’s Day,” Corey Canfield (’26) said.

“Underrated probably like Thanksgiving because it’s getting around the time of Christmas and people sometimes just skip over it and don’t really care about it… I was debating between St. Patrick’s Day and Thanksgiving but then I think of downtown Safety Harbor on St. Patrick’s Day so that’s why I went to Thanksgiving,” Sydney Hickman, incoming class of 2027, said. 

“I think the most underrated is Fourth of July,” Sophia Feldman (’25)

“Underrated, Halloween,” Viola Manning (’25) said.

“I think the most underrated holiday is the Indian holiday Diwali, (the Festival of Lights) because it barely gets any recognition,” Lucia Lotterhand (’26) said.


What holiday do you think is the most overrated?

Megan Jones (2026) firmly states “The most overrated holiday is Christmas,” Jones (’26) said.

“For overrated Christmas because most people get presents and most look forward to that. Also traveling to see family may be different because you have more time than other times of the year,” Hickman, incoming class of 2027, said.

“The most overrated is Christmas,” Feldman (’25) said.

“Overrated, Christmas,” Manning (’25) said.

Pumpkin patch open for business near Halloween 2022.

“I think that the most overrated holiday is Christmas because everybody is always talking about it, and presents, and everything to do with Christmas,” Lotterhand (’26) said.

There indefinitely is lots of controversy as to which holidays, we could do with and without. But we should celebrate every day as it is a gift (that’s why people call this tense we are currently living in the present). In honor of this appreciation, March 3rd is Canadian Bacon Day, World Wildlife Day, and Bulgaria Liberation Day.