Summer Travels


Nala Vittone-Gomez, Staff Writer

Summer is a very special season for everyone. Students are out of school; It has perfect days to travel and go adventure. Now in this article, I’m going to tell you the best places to go for summer and why.

  1. Hawaii, there are famous beaches, rainforests and everything nature could offer. People love going there for the crystal blue waters and the luxury they have to offer. Hawaii is very laid back and everyone is living on “island time”.
  2. Italy, the most perfect place to have the best food. Italy is a country where they have great food, and history dated back to the old times. They have beautiful scenery and amazing beaches. Italy is famous for the Renaissance, the artists, and even the fashion and luxury brands they have to offer.
  3. Greece, it’s known for its amazing mythology and beautiful sights seen. It has amazingly warm weather and incredible sunset spots. They are known for their crystal-clear blue waters, food, and incredible culture. They have beautiful landscapes and amazingly good food.


Here are just some locations that people love to travel to. I bet you would like to do the same!