The Best Joints in Town for this Summer

An Insider’s Guide

Maddy Jones

Get out the sunscreen and towels, schools just a few weeks away from being out and the summer season is about to begin. Many students are going away on trips to exotic places whether it be halfway across the world or just a few states up or down. But for those of us who will be in the Florida heat, besides preparing for jobs or just staying local with family and friends, what is there to do and where are some wonderful places to go?

Well, if you have an appetite for something filling and delicious, Frenchy’s outpost is a fantastic place to sit down and eat. The restaurant has a coastal atmosphere with fish painted on the walls at their “Frenchy’s Saltwater Cafe” located in Clearwater. Frenchy’s has 5 locations, one that’s not too far of a drive being along the causeway at Honeymoon Island named “Frenchy’s Outpost Bar & Grill”. If you’re feeling a little fishy, the “Fresh Catch Pretzel” might be just for you as the pretzel is shaped into fish bones and comes with Honey Mustard sauce.

A crisp “Fresh Catch Pretzel” from the Frenchy’s Outpost Bar & Grill Location


If you love the Baltimore Ravens and are urged to take a nice, coastal drive down the state, stop by the “Brass Monkey” In Pass-A-Grille. The restaurant has outdoor seating on their balcony overlooking the St. Pete beach just across the street. They also deal in seaside meals. They have well-known dishes such as their Ahi Tuna, Monkey Balls and Fish Spread. Out front of the restaurant is a pop-up stand which is perfect for a photo opp! Their name “Brass Monkey” actually originated in the means of referring to cannons aboard Naval Ships in the 1400’s & 1800’s.

Hand Painted Pop-up photo Opp out front of the restaurant.


There are other activities to do this summer that are free and just as atmospheric and joyful. Just a few miles over from Frenchy’s, the Dunedin causeway has tons to offer with its sandy shores. For people who want physical activity or rest and relaxation, it’s all covered. Kayaking, Paddle Boarding are suitable for the water. On land, Roller Blading, Walking, and Fishing are all agreeably great options if you’re feeling sporty but don’t want to get wet. But for a more relaxed state of mind, coming over at dusk is a great time to watch the sun say goodnight. Bring a couple of foldable chairs, sunglasses, friends, and your good stories to end a fulfilling day. If you love furry friends, keep an eye out for a vibrant blue truck to pass as out on the moon roof, a brown poodle can be spotted with sunglasses vibing to the music.