Player of the Month

After careful consideration amongst the successful athletes at PHUHS, the Eye’s staff has selected Julia Ingram as Player of the month.
Julia Ingram (junior) is a standout basketball player for the Lady Canes and consistently gets buckets.
Ingram is following in the footsteps of her family in the game of basketball. Her father played college ball, and later he introduced basketball to his children. Her brother began to play in middle school, and thus it commenced her career. She was six at the time, and she fell in love with the game and has been playing ever since.
“I just really enjoy the fast pace of the game,” she said.
Now, after years of playing, Julia’s stats display why she is so prominent on the court. All her numbers are well above the national average.
Julia leads the basketball team in every category from points, to rebounds, to steals. She is exceptionally versatile on the court, for both offense and defense, that she can play any position very well; even though on paper she is a shooting guard.
She scored an astonishing 717 points this season alone, and has 1299 points in her high school sports history. One game she scored 35 points, which made up more than half the total points scored for Palm Harbor.
Not to mention, the team was very successful overall as well, for they made it all the way to the Regional Finals. But, their season came to an end with a loss to Lakewood Ranch 42-49.
“The best moment was beating Strawberry Crest in front of their fans in the Regional Semifinals,” said Ingram.
Even though she is only a junior, she doesn’t plan to give up the sport anytime soon. Julia is going to play on a travel team that will compete in national events for college exposure in hopes to one day play in college like her father.
Ingram is very grateful for the teammates that she was able to play alongside with this season.
“Thanks to all my teammates for making this season the most fun I have ever had in high school basketball,” she said.