Player of the Week: Sergio Enciso

Senior Sergio Enciso ensures the boys soccer team a position in regionals.

Adam Geiger, Staff Reporter

Boys soccer continues to move through districts this week beating the Plant Panthers, the Wharton Wildcats, and the Steinbrenner Warriors. Their wins were assisted by Central Midfielder Sergio Enciso (‘16).

The win against the Warriors was the most exciting for Enciso. “In this game I knew that we had to be focused because we were about to face the hardest team in the district,” said Enciso.

In most recent games Enciso has received two assists against the Panthers, one assist on the Wildcats, and has scored the only goal in the game against the Warriors.

“We weren’t having the best season in the beginning, but all of seniors realized that we needed a shift in mental focus,” Enciso said, “Right now I am really happy, we weren’t expecting to make it this far.”

Enciso will continue to aid his team and push them closer and closer to the State Championship game. The boys soccer team is now ensured a spot in regionals.