What to know if trying out for the girls soccer team

Kate Hardwick, Staff Reporter

Take a minute and imagine yourself at the bottom of a pile of 22 screaming girls, in the middle of a soccer field, surrounded by a wild, ecstatic crowd chanting your team’s name.  Then picture yourself standing in a line of girls facing the crowd waiting to receive your sparkling gold state championship medal.  This is a once in a life time feeling that the girls soccer team has felt five times in the past years, after winning in the state finals game.

Coach John Planementa, affectionately known as Coach P to his players, has created great success for the girl’s soccer team in the past years.   He encourages all who are interested to try out.  Yes, the soccer team has had a very good record and generally the girls are very skilled, but there are many more attributes they have acquired that earned them a spot on the team.

“Honesty and respect are my most important qualities that I look for in my girls,” Coach P said. “When you are respectful, you always show good sportsmanship, treat your team mates with respect, and most importantly your coach.  With respect comes honesty and I expect nothing less.”

All of the girls in the past years have lived up to Coach P’s standards, and have worked hard to make it to the championship game seven times.  Out of those seven, they have taken home the gold five times.  Three out of those times, the girls were led by Coach P.

Catherine Brinkman, a former four year player on the team, said, “Coach P looks for players who work hard and always give their 110 percent effort on the field.”

PHU is very fortunate to have such a successful soccer program and coach as well, but for all players interested in trying out, don’t get intimidated.  Tryouts are October 11t, 12t and 13t, so come out and work hard, and keep in mind the expectations.