Wrestling team has most successful season in Canes history

Kate Hardwick, Staff Reporter

Hard work, dedication, and a little bit of luck have all been on the Canes wrestling team’s side this season.  Each Canes wrestler fought hard battles in their district matches, but as a team the end score gave Chamberland High the win, or so they thought. 

Canes wrestling Coach AJ Agazarm after looking at the scores thought they were too high and asked the referee for a recount.  Sure enough, coach AJ was right and the Canes won by one point, giving the team their third straight district title.  Moving on to regionals was freshman senior Jared Stippert, senior Nick Orgera, senior Reese Gorman, senior Logan Kushner, senior Jeff Ting, sophomore Tyler Modlin, sophomore Michael May, sophomore Josh Kampman, freshman Aaron Hartman and freshman Tucker Hardwick.

 “I was really proud and excited when I made it on to regionals,” Hardwick said. “This is my first year on the team and my first year of wrestling ever so it was a big accomplishment.”

The team recently competed in regionals in Kissimmee and had a strong outcome there as well.  They placed fourth overall, and moving on to states were senior Jared Stippert, senior Nick Orgera, and freshman Aaron Hartman.

The three wrestlers competed in states against the best of the best, this past Saturday and once again the Canes came out on top.  First year on the team freshman, Aaron Hartman had an outstanding outcome for a so-called “rookie,” placing second in the state, while Jared Stippert also did exceptionally well, placing third.

“I was happy about my outcome this year making it all the way to states for my senior year, I wanted to place first but the competition was tough and I worked my hardest,” Stippert said.  “It was a great way to end my last high school wrestling season.”

Although each wrestler strived for the first place state title, the players were proud and their coaches as well.