How long can Lightning last?

How long can Lightning last?

Tampa Bay Lightning celebrate their win over the Washington Capitals during the overtime period of Game 2 of the NHL Eastern Conference Semifinals Playoffs at the Verizon Center, Washington, D.C., Sunday, May 1, 2011. The Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Washington Capitals 3-2 in overtime to take a 2-0 game lead in the best of seven series.

Jordan Lutz, Staff Reporter


With their first game of the third round coming up this Saturday, the Tampa Bay Lightning gets ready to take on the Boston Bruins.

The Bolts were able to beat out the Penguins, and they easily swept (hockey term meaning they won the first 4 games of the series and automatically moved to the third round) the Capitals. But will the team play their A game every game in the last series before the Stanley Cup?

I think they will.

I’m a true Lightning fan at the heart, not one of these bandwagoners that are in love with Marty St. Louise or Vinny Lecavalier all of the sudden….just once they start advancing in the playoffs.

I think the Lightning can make it to the Stanley Cup because I have never seen them play so good and I think they have their eyes on the prize.

The Bolts won the Stanley Cup in 2004. Why not do it again? If they play like they did against the Capitals and Penguins, with that same integrity and intensity, I believe they could possibly even sweep the Bruins.

However, according to the Bruins’ record, they came close with the Canadians and swept the Flyers in the second round.

Not to fear Lightning fans, true and bandwagoners alike, as long as our team brings it to the ice and stays strong, I think we have a very strong possibility of playing in the Stanley Cup.

Who knows? Maybe we can win it all this year.